BREAKING EVERY CHAIN! We as Women of God face many challenges. However, we are more than conquerors, we are survivors. We are Women Of God On The Frontline Victorious through prayer, faith, courage, worship, and power breaking every chain! As with Esther, knowing our value in the Kingdom of God is vital! There comes a time when we may need to perform roles other than the one, we have become accustomed to doing, rest assured as this occurs, we will be given the Lord's grace to continue to represent Him...breaking every chain!Come, journey with me in this inspiring devotional that prepares you when God places you on the frontline. With insights about Esther, a woman whose proof God can use the less likely to do great exploits through, Sonya Michelle Snell fuels your heart, mind, and spirit with tactical tools to keep you strong and courageous. So, seeking a book to empower you to represent a woman on the frontline and break every chain, look no further. Sonya’s engaging book will dazzle your mind and encourage you profoundly.


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